June 11, 2014

Remember “Sunshine” the yellow lab that concerned citizens rallied around back in January until she was finally pulled from a life outdoor with a heavy chain around her neck? Her story didn’t end there. HBW agreed to take her and provided her with months of medical care and attention until she was ready to go to a wonderful rescue who found the perfect home and family to call her’s forever. Su…nshine’s expenses well exceeded over $1,000 and HBW is still trying to get these bills paid off. Getting Sunshine pulled is only half the story, taking care of her and providing her the necessary medical care until she gets placed is the rest of the story. A companion animal like Sunshine is not really rescued until they have received the proper medical care and are in a loving home. Won’t you consider being a part of Sunshine’s full story and rescue by making a donation today to help cover the rest of Sunshine’s medical expenses. Let’s show Sunshine the support didn’t end the day the chain came off.


May 26, 2014
HI! We are Mia and Bo. Our owner had to give us up as she wasn’t able to care for us like she knew we deserved so she did what she thought was best. It was a little scary at first as we had to stay in a shelter initially and there were a… bunch of other dogs there but they let us stay together cause we are buds. Anyway, the HBW volunteers took good care of us until we got a ride to a wonderful rescue that had other Shih Tzus just like us. The rescue promised to never ever separate us so they let us stay until the perfect home came along. One that wanted us both! While we waited they took care of some skin issues and ear issues we had, we got all prettied up at the beauty parlor too, don’t you think? Well, we are in our forever home now and as promised we got to stay together. Bo earns his keep running the squirrels off the property and as for me, Mia, I keep a watchful eye on the treat jar! We only got this chance because there are caring and giving individuals out there like those of you reading our story. Without your support we wouldn’t have had this chance. Please consider making a donation today and helping other companion animals just like me and Bo. Your donation can mean the difference between a second chance or death.


May 12, 2014

Norman (known to the volunteers as Louie) is a HBW alum. He spent right at a year in the shelter environment. He was just a baby when he was seized from a hoarding situation and very, very sick. HBW took care of all of his medical expenses for the year that he was trying to find a forever home. He has several issues from a club foot to digestive issues that results in him having to be on a very… strict diet. Because of this no one would adopt him. Well a few months back Norman hit the jackpot and found a wonderful forever home in Wisconsin with a wonderful woman who was willing to give Norman the attention and care he will need for the rest of his life. The photos are a couple of recent updates she sent of Norman hogging the remote and working on his summer tan! Norman was only able to get this chance because of the many friends of HBW who donate and support. Please consider donating today and helping other companion animals like Norman get a second chance at life.


April 14, 2014

Hi I am Amelie! The animal control officer found me wandering the streets and took me to a facility. Not really sure how I got there. See the vet thinks I am probably a good 15 yrs old and I don’t see real well and I don’t hear real well and guess my memory isn’t too good either. The place they took me was kind of scary, oh, the folks there treated me well, gave me lots of different foods to e…at but there are these high walls and that concrete floor, well it is kind of hard on these old bones, and lots of smells, some not so good. They said I had to stay there for several days in case someone came along to claim me. Well, no one ever did, but I hear I am one of the lucky ones cause the HBW volunteers picked me to help. They took my photo. I tried to look pretty but I can’t recall the last time I have been to the beauty parlor. Next think I know they came for and said I was going on a “freedom ride”. Do you know the average cost to pull, vet and transport one of us in need is $105? It is only because of caring and giving folks like yourself that companion animals in need like me get this chance. The out come wouldn’t have been good for me if I didn’t get this chance. It only takes a second to click on the button below to help others like me.


March 25, 2014

Hi My name is Baby! I was originally an owner surrender as my owner said they didn’t have time for me. Not sure how I took up so much time as I lived outside my whole life and really didn’t ask for a whole lot. Oh, well, that was last year. The good volunteers with HBW went to bat for me and found a rescue to take me in. The rescue adopted me out and after several months my new owners decided… they didn’t want me. Really now, I may be up there a bit in age as I am classified as a senior but I really don’t think I am that much of a burden. Anyway, because of my age the particular rescue didn’t want to adopt me out again and contacted the volunteers with HBW. Thanks to the volunteers at HBW making a lifetime committment to helping every companion animal that passes through their hands they agreed to take me back. How cool is that???!!!!!!! They housed me for a few days and in no time had another rescue willing to take me in and help me find my forever home. So, does that me a double graduate with HBW? All I can say is I am glad HBW is there for us not once but as many times as needed and I know it isn’t cheap all that running around transporting us back and forth. Not really sure what “gas prices” are but I hear they aren’t cheap. So, if you could maybe you could help out a bit. It only takes a second to click on the button below and your support makes it possible for dogs like me to not only get a second chance at life but sometimes a third one too!


February 21, 2014

Hi, My name is Lilah. My owner took me to an open admision facility (ie kill for space) when I was pregnant because the person wanted me gone before I had my babies. Well, it was pretty scary and stressful and as a result I had my babies that very night. I did my best to raise my babies. Once they were 8 weeks old they were put up for adoption. That left me and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me. The good volunteers from HBW stepped in to get me help. They found a wonderful rescue group who was able to take me in and they promised to find me a wonderful forever. It was really kind of scary at first and I did my best to raise my babies and lucky for me my story is ending very happy. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for caring and giving individuals like you. It only takes a second to click on the button below and help others in need like me. 


Feb 5, 2014

Hi! My name is Kiwi. I was brought in to the animal control facility pregnant. I had my babies and raised them in the facility. Once they were 8 weeks old all of my babies were quickly adopted but there I sat. I am hardly more than a teenager myself as the vet said I am at most only 1 yr old or even younger. I couldn’t believe after raising my little family I was left to be euthanized. I was… so scared, how could this be happening? Luckily the good volunteers with HBW went to work. They paid to have me fully vetted so no more kittens for me and they found a rescue group who was willing to take me in and give me a chance to find a forever home. I even have my very own post.. check it out….

They say us felines are pretty hard to place and we even cost more medically but everyone knows we are superior to the canine creatures. But, with that said, I left a few feline buddies in animal control and it would be great if they could get help like I did. It only takes a minute to click on the button below and make a donation.


Jan 30-Jan 31, 2014

Jan 30, 2014
HI! My name is Sox and I really need your help. I am about two years old and those years have been pretty bad. You see my owner was very abusive to me and beat me pretty bad. I ran away four times but was taken back before anyone realized what was happening. Finally on the fifth time word got out and they didn’t make me go back. I really am a great dog and through it all I still very much love… people. My issue, well, I have a very strong aversion to leashes as I was beat with one or something similar. I can’t help myself but I just get very defensive when I see a leash and one is attached to my collar. I had a rescue willing to take me but I guess I scared the handler pretty bad when I freaked out when she put a leash on me. Another great organization BARC (Barriers Against Repeated Cruelty) has offered to help. They have found a great trainer in Chicago who is willing to take me in, work with me and help me get over this aversion to leashes. I need to raise $400 to cover room, board and training. BARC has graciously offered to pay the remaining cost of the training. This is my only chance. Without this help to get over my issue I may be deemed unadoptable and they will have to euthanize me. It only takes a second to click on the paypal link below and every little bit will help. Please won’t you help me to have a second chance at life?

January 31, 2014
Thank you everyone!!!!!!! In just over 24 hours Sox has reached his goal and has enough money to pay for his rehabilitation training program. Sox is now busy packing his bags and will be headed up to Chicago next week to start his two we…ek extensive training program with Curtis Scott of Canis Familiaris. Curtis will be video taping Sox’s progress so as we get updats on his program we will make sure to keep everyone posted. We are confident that Sox will quickly overcome this severe aversion to a leash which is holding him back from finding his future forever home. Watch for more to come and again thank you so much everyone who donated and shared. Sox gets a second chance now!!!!


January 16, 2014

Hi, We are Betsy and Belle! Our story starts out very sad. We may be two senior girls but we still have spring to our step. Sadly our owner passed away. We are 11 years old and have lived our whole lives together with one owner and then she went away. We are pretty bonded, we eat together, sleep together and play together. Well, when our owner passed away we were afraid they were going to separate… us and a shelter is no place for two senior girls like us. Lucky for us …HBW was called in to help us. They put the word out about our sad situation and in no time at all found a senior rescue group who not only was able to take us but they had a foster home willing to take both of us so we could stay together. We still miss our owner but we aren’t afraid of being separated any more and thanks to the good volunteers with HBW we are in a home, safe and get to spend our remaining days together. HBW was only able to help us because caring people like yourself donate to HBW. It only takes a second to click on the link below and you, too, can be a part of ensuring senior girls like us get a second chance at life.


January 8, 2014

Hi, I am Bethany! My story started really sad but the HBW volunteers have promised me love and care until the end so I’m not sad anymore. You see an animal control officer found me wandering all by myself and took me to an animal facility. The staff there called HBW because they knew they weren’t going to be able to adopt me. A nice lady with HBW took me to see a vet. The vet said I am really, really old and have A LOT of health issues. Hmm, let me see if I can remember everything: I am blind, have cataracts, dry eye and glaucoma, my teeth are really bad and rotten, I have kidney and liver failure and the onset of heart failure. I think there was more but you get the picture. My body may be broken and battered but my spirit is strong as ever and the HBW volunteers said as long as there was “spark in my eyes’ they weren’t giving up on me. So one of the volunteers who is a licensed foster home with HBW has agreed to offer me a hospice home. The good folks have promised me they will provide me with not only the necessary antibiotics and pain medicines needed, but also all the TLC I want for as long as I want. But when that time comes and my little body just can’t carry on any more they have promised me they will be with me and ensure I cross Rainbow Bridge humanely and with love and dignity. So I am not scared any more. I know my care isn’t free and so HBW can help others like me consider donating. It just takes a second to click on the link below and support.


April 12, 2014

This post is dedicated in Bethany’s memory. I was found wandering alone and scared the first of January by the animal control officer. I was very, very old, blind and had too many health issues to count but the HBW volunteers saw that I still had a “spark in my eye”. One of the volunteers, Donna Burke, opened her heart and her home to me. She said I could stay with her as long as I wanted and when the time came she would be there to hold my body as my spirit crossed rainbow bridge. Donna has showered me with so much love the last 4 months and knowing she would be with me I wasn’t afraid. Today was the day. Donna held my little body as I took my last breath. I am all better now. My teeth aren’t bad, I can see again and, oh, how great it is to run and play! So many dogs die alone and never knowing what love is. But don’t be sad because I knew what it was like to be loved all the way to the end and you held my paw as I made my way to the other side and that I will never forget. With love, Bethany.

On behalf of HBW we would like to thank Donna for all she did for Bethany. This labor of love and to take on the role of helping a companion animal cross to the other side is one of the hardest things to do as an animal rescuer but one that is so very important. If you would like to make a donation in memory of Bethany to help other companion animals in need like her you may do so by clicking on the link below: