Based in Quincy, IL, HOMEWARD BOUND WAGGIN is an animal rescue and transport organization.  Founded in 2013, HOMEWARD BOUND WAGGIN helps save the lives of “Death Row” animals by transporting them to rescue groups. HOMEWARD BOUND WAGGIN works closely with other animal welfare organizations nationwide, transporting animals FROM anywhere TO anywhere. In the case of an emergency, HOMEWARD BOUND WAGGIN also works with pet owners to provide care to your beloved pets.

HOMEWARD BOUND WAGGIN is recognized by the IL Department of Agriculture as an animal shelter  and has a 501(c)3 status.

HOMEWARD BOUND WAGGIN is a  100% VOLUNTEER SUPPORTED organization.  Our services are made possible by your generous monetary and time donations as well as fundraisers and other events.  We LOVE animals, and with your support, together we can save innocent lives!

*Please visit our page often to find out what HOMEWARD BOUND WAGGIN is doing, the successes we are celebrating, and how you can help us out!