Can Gerbils Live Alone?

Gerbils can live alone, but they admire other gerbils that live with them in one cage. Therefore, they prefer living along with other gerbils. They love to live with the gerbils of the same sex as they can get along well with them and perform various playful activities. If the gerbils are from the same litter, then it adds stars to their enjoyment. Depression might be one of the reasons of them dying at an early age. They do not like to be alone in possible circumstances. Therefore, it is highly suggested to the owners to keep more than two gerbils in a cage. There are available some of the best cages for gerbils for this purpose. Doing this will comparatively decrease the noise pollution in your home.

Can Gerbils Live Alone?

The scent of the clan:

When the gerbils live in the woods, then they reside in large groups of a maximum of 20 members. Therefore, it is best to keep them that way. They communicate with each other through vocally chirping. Every group called a clan has a different scent that aware of them from the upcoming threat. It also assists them in identifying their clan.

Pairing up the gerbils:

If the owner pairs-up two gerbils of the equivalent sex, then the chances of aggressive activities become less likely to occur. The same-sex will not mate and hence, decreasing the rapid amount of mating and over-population at homes.

How to introduce a new gerbil to the existing clan?

Can Gerbils Live Alone?

Gradually introducing new gerbils to the existing clans is advised to avoid fighting and discomfort. If you want to bring in one more gerbil in the group, then it is strongly recommended to firstly, split the tank before doing so. Splitting it will reduce the risk of noise and fights. It will assist the gerbils in identifying their smell and getting familiar with them. You can also set a temporary partition between the cages prior to putting a new gerbil in the cage. Afterward, you can take away the divider and allow them to know each other in a much better way. It is known to be one of the best methods to introduce a new member in the gerbil clan with fewer chances of violence.

They like to live with their own community members without any kind of disruption. Therefore, a cage might provide them great assistance in doing so. There are many types of cages for gerbils available in the pet market, such as:

Chew proof cages:

These types of cages will not be affected by the teeth chewing activities of the gerbils living inside them. Therefore, they will be durable and not cause any kind of problem to the owner as well. The best cages for gerbils are known to be the ones that stay as it is for a minimum of two to three years. The chew-proof cages are manufactured from metals such as iron or copper. They can also be made with the help of certain other materials such as heavy metals or much other hard stuff.

Cages with toys:

If you keep toys inside the cages, then the gerbils will be joyous, and it will lead them to stay in the cages all the time. They will not be eager to exit from the cage and will love to sleep within the cage.

Wooden cages:

There are cages made from wood also preferred by the owners, the wood should be hard enough not to get torn out by the teeth of the gerbils. The wooden cages should have one out of four sides with the metallic rods or partitions that will help them in communicating with the4 owner as well as the ventilation of the oxygen will be improved.

Glass cages:

The glass walls are also trending in cages, but the roof should have enough holes to get the oxygen inside for an easy breathing process of the gerbils. They can see everything outside from the transparent crystal clear glasses, and it increases the contact of the owner with the gerbils.

Bushes and grassy cage:

These are known to be the best cages for gerbils cage in the market of pets. Having grass bedding in the cases, original or artificial, will prevent the gerbils from getting hurt when falling accidentally. It will not cause bruises on their bodies. The bushes should be tiny in size, and the grass should not be edgy, and it is suggested to keep it smooth and soft for the gerbils.


The accessories or props might add five stars to the entertainment of the gerbils. It will keep the gerbils entertained, and putting a roller is always preferred. They keep rolling on the rollers and will not get harmed while fallen if there is grassy bedding is placed in the cage.

Cages with water bowl:

It is of utmost importance; hence the cage should be spacious enough to place a bowl full of drinking water into it. The gerbils should not die from \the problem of dehydration, and the owner should look after the water drinking capability of each gerbil.

Can Gerbils Live Alone?

Food bow in the cage:

It is yet another important point to consider by the owner. The gerbils should not get malnutrition; therefore, it is highly suggested to the owner to place a nice fixable bowl full of nutritious food in it. Every gerbil should be provided enough nuts and other diet materials at least twice per day.

The final words:

The gerbils should be provided toxic-free food materials that are free from any harmful substances and preservatives. The wood material that they get in touch with it, and then they will eat the bowl, should be free from phenol and other polishes. Their cages should not contain any toxic polish or other life-threatening contents. It is the sole responsibility of the owner to provide them proper food and water every day. Also, a gerbil should also be kept in a clan of the same litter for avoiding depression.