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Surely when your baby hamster gives birth, you will not be able to take your eyes off them, right hehe. Baby hamsters are the cutest little creatures that will grow and get even more adorable in just a few weeks, If you are only away for a few days, you will see a very clear difference.

Baby hamsters are born

Their only source of nutrients is breast milk, so we must not touch them or change their pens, which can scare the mother and stop breastfeeding. where. And the shortest time you can hold them, but in a short period of time when they are 2 weeks old, now they have learned to eat and nutrition from breast milk is not too important to them.

The reason you should not touch the baby hamster is because when you accidentally touch them, we have made a strange smell to the baby, this makes the mother hamster not recognizing the smell of the baby anymore will often refuse to raise the baby and in bad cases. most it can eat the baby. Again, you absolutely do not change the barn for a minimum of 2 weeks.hamster

After 11 – 12 days

Baby hamsters begin to open their eyes, they will begin a discovery activity right away because this is their active curiosity. Often they will learn very quickly about the water bottle and practice drinking water in the bottle, for this convenience we should put the water bottle at a low height and where the baby hamster can easily drink.hamster

With a few babies active slowly exploring the water bottle, we can hold the water bottle and give it to them to drink likewise also create affection for them – which is especially good for campell hamsters. Also can be put in 1 slice of cucumber to avoid them being dehydrated. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT PLACE WATER PILLS IN THE BOTTOM BECAUSE THAT MAY CAUSE DEAD OR SLEEPING HEADS.

From 3 weeks of age

If hamsters often occur in activities, you can separate the individuals or cause trouble to other cages because at this age they can already live independently. But the first priority is to split when the hamster reaches 30 days of age and from 6 weeks of age. They are considered as an independent individual without relying on their mother.  You can bring them to a friend or raise independently.hamster

Like their parents If you still have any questions about taking care of baby hamsters, please ask LOLIPET immediately, we would like to answer, but if you want the most visual, please visit LOLIPET.